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'Spirit of Brighton' photographers

Meet the photographers from the Brighton calendar who are currently exhibiting at the 'Spirit of Brighton' open air exhibition next to the i360.

We're very happy to provide a platform for the local talent. We support 'Buy directly from the artist' idea. In case you like and want to purchase any displayed images get in touch with the photographer (see the list bellow).

Note: not all photographers are included in the photos.

Louise Yates

Andy Gardner ( the pretty one on the left)

Bradley Moon

Josh Taylor

Luisao Sanchez

David Ashdown ( the smart looking one in the middle)

In case you would like the purchase some images you like contact the artists directly.

See the list bellow:

Alex Bamford-

Andy Gardner- Instagram

Alessandro Intini-

Ben Nazarko-

Bradley Moon-

Beth Wild-

Chris Faulkes Instagram //

Chris Mole

Chris Alton-

David Smith-

David Ashdown-

David Green-

Daniel Aguilera

Heather Buckley-

JJ Waller-


John White-

James Shaw-

Jo- Ellis Holland-

Jason Khoo-

Kristan Akerman

Karen Clark- @karenclarkphotography

Luisao Sanchez

Louise Yates- @louise.yates103

Letizia Morelli-

Marc Abrham-

Michael Steven Harris-

Paul Cahill-

Paul Mansfield-

Peter Mac Callum- Stewart


Rose Jones-

Robb Banks-

Ray Burn-

Simon Dack-

Solly Levi-

Simon Pepper-

Simon Morris-

Simon Raynolds-

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